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July 02 2015


iPhone 6s (7) release date and specs: Leaked images show new iPhone looks exactly the same

The iPhone is in trouble and Android is closing the gap, right? Nope. The truth is Apple has never sold as many iPhones as it did in Q1 (74 million) and Q2 (61 million) of 2015 – this is an average increase of 20 million each quarter compared to the previous year.

These stats represent the biggest upwards trend in the history of the iPhone, and Tim Cook has to be given credit for this. So ignore the “has the Apple bubble burst” articles that pop up after every major Apple product launch, and get excited about what Cook and co have in store for us when the iPhone 6s or 7 launches in the next few months. To whet your appetite for the new Apple smartphone, here is everything we currently know about the forthcoming iPhone 6s/7’s release date and rumoured specs.
Will it be the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7?

Before we tackle the release date or rumoured specs of the next iPhone, it’s a good idea to first answer the question “will it be an iPhone 6s or 7?” Well, we’re pretty certain it will be an iPhone 6s.
hy? Because that’s what history tells us. Apple has launched an “S” version of its new iPhone since it upgraded the iPhone 3G to the 3GS back in 2009. It followed this pattern with the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5s, and there’s no evidence to suggest this will change this year.

What’s unique this time around is that Apple will be upgrading both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Common sense suggests we’ll also see a “S” version of the Plus model.

iPhone 6s (7) release date:

As yet, there’s no confirmed launch event for the new iPhone. However, we’re confident that the iPhone 6s and its Plus counterpart will be introduced at a special event in San Francisco around 8 September 2015.

Why then? Because it’s in line with the company’s recent pattern of unveiling its new handsets on the second Tuesday in September each year.

We believe it’s likely to go on sale in the UK ten days later, on 18 September. You can pretty much guarantee there’ll be a new iPhone in the stores before the end of September. If we’re wrong about this, we’ll be very surprised.
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